Rrefimet E Agjentit Anglez Dhe Armiqësia E Anglezëve Ndaj Islamit

Bamba Abdul-Hamid Umar

Thanks given

Thank you very much for such a wonderful work done, may Allah bless and protect you.

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Allah bless you, Thank you.

🌼Silence Typing Galery / aisy_white

Thanks a lot for your kindness sharing and gift benefits for ummah. May Allah grant you all kind and Rasulullah will be proud to you all..

Abdul Aziiz / abdul___aziiz

You all are doing a great job👍 Looking forward to learn with you.


Please make Du'a for me so that we stay in Allah Path. Insha'Allah


Masha Allah thank you jazaka Allah kheyr.

يسن فضل السيد ابكر ابا يسن فضل السيد ابكر

شمال دارفور محلية المالحه

اللهم صلي علي سيدنا محمد

islam_in_our_hearts / لا إله إلا الله

Let’s spread the love of islam.


Jazakhallahu Khair. May Allah reward u.


Allah razı olsun ebeden daima🌹 Hizmetde daim eylesin.