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This is beautiful. Thank you for being keen on sharing the info and spreading the dawaah. And Ramadan Kareem🌙♥️

iamsmsaqib S.M.S

All is great with thr grace of ALLAH

I have gone through your website and stuff. But the problem is that your podcast that many people listen to is not in english. I have downloaded the ones in english and have been listening to them morning. On the part of the podcast it is easier to as it keeps on working in the background. If you resolve that then all is great with thr grace of ALLAH(SWT).

Hanuna D / hanuna.d

Jazakumullah all khair. In sha Allah I will share ur page with my friends and family.

Facts of the world🌍 / hks.2019

U are doing a very nice job May Allah bless u.

Ameerah Aaeshah Daawud

Keep the good work👍


👍Very nice page keep going ❤️ I'll share it in my story ✨

Maturin Ogan

Livre islamique gratuit

C'est parfait

Sheril Ansari / ansarisheril621

I’m very happy for you because, you are doing a very good work.

Dim.. / diman_rm

it is a wonderful job👍 i will support you..



مفيد وآلله هذا الكتاب